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-no photoshopped photos in application
-applications behind a cut please. if you dont know how, ask.
-be nice and have fun.


--10 favorite bands:
--favorite clothing store:
--make up a question and answer it yourself:
--greatest accomplishment:
--i like...:
--i hate...:
--why should we accept you:
--promote to 2 ljs or communities, and send us the link:
--at least 2 clear pictures of yourself.





a clockwork orange, acoustic guitars, afi, allen ginsburg, almost famous, american football, bad religion, bass, belts, ben kweller, best friends, bikini kill, black and white photos, black eyeliner, bob marley, books, bracelets, bright eyes, bums, chinchillas, chuck taylors, coffee, commander venus, conor oberst, converse, dana carvey, dancing, dashboard confessional, davey havok, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, donnie darko, downtown new bedford, eyes, fall children, flipflops, food, fort tabor, freckles, friends, gauged ears, get up kids, glasses, guitar, hands, hip bones, holding hands, hoodies, hugs, ice cream, indie rock, jets to brazil, kind of like spitting, kissing, kittens, lady bugs, laughing, led zeppelin, long walks, making out, mcdonalds, messy hair, misfits, mix tapes, modest mouse, mohawks, monty python, morissey, movies, mulholland drive, music, nailpolish, no problemo, oreos, outkast, painting, pearls, photography, piebald, piercings, pink, pins, pirates, pixy sticks, placebo, pool parties, popsicles, pretty girls make graves, providence, reading, rocky horror picture show, saves the day, sex, shoes, shoplifting, shows, skateboarders, skull and cross bones, smiling, smirnoff, snoop dogg, snow skating, stars, stickers, summer, sunsets, sushi, talking, tattoos, the 80's, the beatles, the blood brothers, the breakfast club, the cure, the dead poets society, the postal service, the rocking-horse winner, the smiths, the thermals, thrift stores, tickling, tshirts, tv, vinyl, walks