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Nina (pronounced nee-nuh)
--Location: Memphis
--10 favorite bands:
Led Zeppelin, Blind Melon, (do solo artists count?  ...if so, Keller Williams and Ani Difranco)  311, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Clash, The Beatles, David Gilmour
--favorite clothing store: i get hand-me-downs from my older sister.  other than that, discount racks from any store, and everyonce in a great while, I make my clothes. (I'm not poor, i'm just really cheap when it comes to clothes...i mean, it's only fabric)
--make up a question and answer it yourself: Were you forced to eat your veggies when you were little?  No, I ate them willingly.
--greatest accomplishment: getting first chair at All-State Chorus competition, or winning the people's choice for an art show
--i like...: poppy seed muffins, comedy, horror, and indie movies, India, rainbows, dancing like an idiot, playing hoeball (kinda like golf, only played with a tennisball and a gardening hoe), meeting new people, foster;s home for imaginary creatures, art of any kind, animals with unnessecarily long necks, sunflower seeds
--i hate...: robots( my phobia), pollution, closed-minded people, slutty bitches
--why should we accept you: Because i'm going to try my best to get this community active!
--promote to 2 ljs or communities, and send us the link: ,   and then
--at least 2 clear pictures of yourself.
that was a couple years ago...with my pseudo dreads.

i didnt really eat this, but my friend and i melted four black candles on her plate and then poured water on it, so it came out looking like burned brownie shit.

crazy one,...we were playing dress-up..also the day i got my wisdom teeth taken out, so i was a little ...out of it.

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